Why see a chiropractor?

One simple scientific fact: Your health and healing rely on the complete and proper functioning of your nervous system.

Your nervous system controls every function and process of your body, including every cell, which affects total health. If the nervous system is interfered with, then dysfunction will occur in the body causing symptoms and chronic conditions which manifest over time. The upper cervical region (upper neck) is a unique area of the spine and is the site where nerve interference can occur.

Do I Need an Adjustment?

An adjustment is the painless, specific repositioning of the vertebra to its proper juxtaposition, relieving nerve interference and allowing the body to function correctly. Unlike knowing when you are hungry or when you have to go to the bathroom, you DON’T know if you are subluxated. A specific chiropractor has the required training and instrumentation to determine if you need an adjustment.

Are the adjustments painful?

Fortunately, no. Most patients describe the correction as a brisk thrust or a light tap on the side of the neck. There is NO twisting of the neck. Sometimes this is accompanied by a loud pop or series of tiny clicks as the bone moves back into place. Once this correction is made, muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation is increased, the brain is able to communicate with the affected area, and the body’s natural healing process begins.

What can I expect from the first visit?

A comprehensive review of your specific problem is discussed, including relevant past history and overall health. You will be asked to perform physical tests and movements to help identify the problem. In certain situations, an x-ray may be used to confirm findings and to investigate for the presence of any underlying bone conditions or pathological developments.

I am concerned about radiation, are x-rays necessary?

In our office, x-ray is used conservatively with most adult cases. The use of x-ray serves as the best diagnostic tool for the measurement of how a bone has moved into an abnormal position as well as to evaluate the healthy progression of the spine during treatment. For a specific chiropractic doctor, even a millimeter of misalignment can change what is needed for appropriate care, to determine normal and healthy anatomy, and to determine any contraindications for adjusting.

What is so special about the brain stem?

This is a unique area for many reasons. At conception, when the sperm enters the ovum, that very area develops into the medulla oblongata. Since this area is so very delicate, the slightest injury can cause a subluxation. Also, this is the level of decussation (or, switching station) for all the nerves in the spinal cord which is why the health of this area can affect ANY other part of the body.

Is this safe?

YES!!  You have a greater chance of getting hit by lightning or dying from taking an aspirin than having an injury from an adjustment. DOES THIS REALLY WORK?  YES!!  For over 120 years, people with all sorts of conditions have been getting well from specific chiropractors.  YES!  There is research.  YES! There are plenty of satisfied patients.