What is Specific Chiropractic?

“EVERY function of the human body is under control of the nervous system.” – Gray’s Anatomy, page 4.

Specific chiropractic care is a practice specialty beyond general chiropractic care. After doctors complete their formal education and training as a chiropractor, they continue their education by studying the upper cervical spine in depth. These post-doctorate courses give doctors advanced training particular to upper cervical care in the areas of human anatomy, biomechanics, neurology and radiology. Because of this extensive training, less than 2% of licensed chiropractors are certified specific chiropractors.

Is a Specific Chiropractor a “real” doctor? Specific chiropractors are board certified on both national and state levels as a chiropractic physician or Doctor of Chiropractic and licensed by the state. Specific chiropractors are trained to diagnose any condition you may be experiencing and to make appropriate referrals when necessary. In our office, you do not need a referral from another physician to have an exam or to start care.